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Elli, a Second Chance Novel

Elli by Tina DesalvoHer life could have been over with her breast cancer diagnosis, but Elli had fought it and won. Now through her foundation, she is fighting for other women facing the same nightmare. But the foundation has been thrown into financial crisis. Elli needs money. And she needs it fast.

Two determined people.

Elli finds herself with half ownership of a Louisiana plantation with a man who wants her to go away. A twisted inheritance has set her up with an interesting future. Unfortunately, the cancer taught Elli not to plan for a future. She just wants to sell the plantation, take the money and run.

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ISBN 9780996075015

Jewell, a Second Chance Novel

Jewell by Tina DeSalvoCajuns, antiques, a Bourbon Street stripper, plantation history, scheming old ladies and a ridiculously handsome nemesis…

Jewell just wants to give her grandmother one final memory before it’s too late.

…Beau wants to protect his family from the one woman who is capable of scamming them with fake answers to an old family mystery.

Complicated by the well-meaning but interfering Bienvenu clan and Jewell’s unpredictable grandmother with dementia, will it be possible to discover the truth?

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ISBN 9780996075022

Hunt for Christmas

A Second Chance Novella Featured in Amazon’s 2016 Holiday Compilation, Under the Kissing Bough

hunt-for-christmas-313px15 brand-new novellas. 15 best-selling romance authors. A holiday-themed collection like no other.
What happens under the kissing bough doesn’t necessarily stay beneath the kissing bough….

This set includes USA TODAY bestselling and Internationally bestselling authors Sandy Blair, Suzanne Ferrell, Kathryn Le Veque, Jeanne Adams, Anna Campbell, Tina De Salvo, Barbara Devlin, Joan Kayse, Catherine Kean, Anna Markland, Hildie McQueen, Meara Platt, Elizabeth Rose, Jordan K. Rose, and Lana Williams.

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A Second Chance Novella in the Magnolias and Moonshine Anthology

When runaway bride Ania jumps into Luke’s car in a cloud of satin, lace, and feathers and frantically shouts for him to drive, the gun-wielding groom she just left at the altar leaves Luke with no other choice. Now, he is stuck with the mysterious bride from Poland and a very dangerous groom chasing after them as they embark on a road trip back to Cane, Louisiana, because she has no money, no plan, no passport, and no one else to call for help.

Love and laughs find a way into their journey and give them both a Second Chance as Luke uncovers there is much more to Ania’s escape out of Atlanta.