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Contemporary Romance
Tina DeSalvo
Four 1/2 stars Top Pick

“A well-plotted novel with a cast of characters that readers will quickly learn to love. It has a great mystery, interesting personalities and a sweet romance. The story is set in the Cajun area of Louisiana in a small town full of people who know the real meaning of friendship and family. The main protagonists, Abby and Jackson, are complex and well written while the quirky secondary characters, especially Tante Izzy and her friends, will keep you laughing.

“SUMMARY: Abby, a successful lawyer to the stars, leaves Hollywood after a major scandal becomes the talk of the tabloids due to the paparazzi. Her parents are well known movie stars which only solidifies her scandal as front page news. The L.A. police are close to arresting her when she flees Hollywood. The first person she meets in Louisiana is Jackson, a long time military lawyer who has returned home in search of a quiet life. Except once they meet, the fireworks ignite between them and his life is no longer peaceful.”

Susan Roberts

August 24, 2017

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USA Today bestselling author Tonya Kappes

โ€œTina DeSalvo weaves an intriguing and mysterious contemporary romance with Abby, filled with entertaining and colorful characters.โ€