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See what others are saying about Jewell—A Second Chance Novel.

NY Times bestselling author Stella Cameron:

“In Jewell, Tina DeSalvo takes us inside our deep fears and fantasies in a tale as poignant as it is innovative and satisfying.”

NY Times bestselling author Cherry Adair:

“Tina DeSalvo did it again. What an awesome book! It’s clever, insightful, fun, and sexy.”

The Reading Café

“Tina DeSalvo does a masterful job of letting us get to know her characters and you feel as though you know everyone of them personally. If for no other reason, Tante Izzy, the Bienvenu family matriarch is reason enough to read these novels. However, there are LOTS of other reasons to read Tina DeSalvo. It is so refreshing to read an author who doesn’t fill their pages with wasted words of over describing and repeating things over and over. Her world building is amazing and her characters are so relatable that you are immediately drawn in.” critic Mary Beth Magee:

“In Jewell, a Second Chance Novel, author Tina DeSalvo explores the ties of devotion between family members, the difficulties of dealing with a dementia patient, and the power of love. Her novel ranges from historic mystery to legal thriller to steamy romance, with a cast of colorful characters sure to captivate the reader. DeSalvo navigates the twists and turns of the plot as deftly as a local piloting a pirogue through the bayou waters.”

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