Hi, I’m Elli

Hello, my name is Elli Morenelli (and yes, I am a fictional character from the story Elli, a Second Chance Novel) and this is my blog. I hope you enjoy reading it and maybe find a little bit of something here that you relate to or find interesting. If you feel like it, I invite you to share your thoughts, too. It will be nice to get to know each other a little in the process. Today, I feel inspired to share with you how my world was rocked in an unexpected and unwanted way. Have you ever had that happen to you?

Finding out that I had cancer changed everything in my life, and not all of it was bad. It isn’t something you truly believe will happen to you until you experience it though. That’s how it was for me and for so many of the people I’ve spoken to who have been through the same fight. From the moment I heard the words, you have cancer, it became crystal clear that everything that I had believed was true and absolute was never really carved solidly in stone as I had thought. And even if it was, it could be chipped and chiseled and reformed into something else. The busy…I can’t fit another thing into my schedule day, could stop. Someone else could do the task that a moment before only I could direct. My life’s direction could absolutely turn in an instant. Let’s face it, when I discovered you have cancer, my energy, my efforts, my heart, my everything focused on survival. I wanted to live.

Elli by Tina DesalvoThat was how it was for me. When I found the lump in my breast, I didn’t pretend it wasn’t there. I immediately rushed from my incredibly busy day preparing for the my huge Hollywood movie premiere to see a doctor. I was scared. I can admit that now. Even if my mother hadn’t died of breast cancer, I would have been frightened. The fear that the lump was life-threatening left my insides trembling and my soul aching. I got the medical attention I was supposed to as quickly as I was supposed to, but I continued with my work afterwards while I waited for the results. Then, when it came and I was told…you have cancer, everything in my life changed. The battle began. I figured out what it was I wanted to do if the battle was lost. Then, I thought about what I would do if I won this battle but there would be another if the cancer returned again. It was the profound and gut-wrenching fear of the cancer returning that dictated how I moved forward in my life. I decided not to return to the career that I loved. I decided to never get involved in a long-term, committed relationship. You see, I didn’t want to leave someone behind to grieve for me the way my father and I had been left when my mother died. Our hearts were broken and I’m not sure we ever really recovered from it. And, I decided to work to help others who heard the words as I had…you have cancer.

Yet, as it was before having breast cancer, it was after having cancer. I once again formed ideas and thoughts that I believed were true and absolute in my life. You would have thought I would have learned my lesson the first time. I want to share my story with you of how my fears, the ones I thought were carved in stone, were able to be chiseled away and reformed to give me a Second Chance in my life. You can read it in the debut book, Elli…a Second Chance Novel which you can purchase on Amazon or at your local bookstores. In the book, you will see more blog posts from me of my journey through breast cancer. I hope you enjoy reading it.

And…oh, BTW, Tante Izzy, an energetic eighty-something year old Cajun woman whom I met at Sugar Mill Plantation, wants me to tell you, and I quote, “ buy da book for yer momma and sisters. Yer aunties can buy their own, unless youz is feelin’ real generous with dem’, too.” 🙂

All the proceeds are going to help other women in their fight against breast cancer.

Stay healthy, E.