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Happy, Happy, Happy, Hello,

Elli, a Second Chance Novel, is available for you to read!

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I am so ridiculously thrilled that Elli is out and about! I’m like a giggly little girl who ate too much sugary candy. It’s very exciting to know many of you will be reading it and buying copies for your mothers for Mothers’ Day, sisters for their birthdays, friends because you love them and hairdresser because you owe them for squeezing you in for a color! It is a story worth sharing…of hope, fear, bravery, family, laughter and love. And, I am happy to report the early reviews have been wonderful! That makes me happy, happy, happy.

What really makes me happy is that when you buy Elli, as a print or e-book, you are helping with the unmet needs of women who are in the fight against Breast Cancer. Peruse my website for more info on this and for the links to other websites that provide resources and support for women, men and their caregivers who are in this fight today!

Elli understands this fight…and so do I. We are Breast Cancer Survivors!

You know, dear reader, even after the treatments end and there is no evidence of cancer, the fight continues. It is during this wonderful, difficult, joyful, and yes, fearful time, that Elli must find her way to truly capture her Second Chance on life. Of course, I tell this story in the only way I know how…with a light voice, with quirky characters, and with a lot of emotional grit. I really hope you enjoy reading it!

Here is what a couple of readers, like you, had to say in their 5 STAR reviews on Amazon:

By TinaR:
This debut novel by Tina DeSalvo is absolutely wonderful! I have to admit that I really wasn’t sure how I would feel about reading Elli’s story because I lost my mother many years ago to breast cancer. I am so glad that I went with my gut and read this book. I laughed and I cried quite often from beginning to end, but that is also what makes it such a fantastic story. The chemistry between Elli and Ben is wonderful, and I also enjoyed the personalities of secondary characters…

By Paulasc:
I read in one day. when my husband came to tell me was time to leave for the store my response was “Damn not in the middle of the book!!” Loved the characters and the story.

I hope you are healthy, happy and enjoying a good book.

ISBN 9780996075015